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The Best Is Yet To Come

I saw the Savior on His knees,
the tears so freely flowed,
The thought of all He had to do,
was seen before it showed.
When all looked calm,
a storm was born, the
ones He picked had slept,
The time had come,
it had to be,
He looked to those,
and wept.

The Best Is Yet to Come for you,
Don't look upon the nails,
If not for those that pierced the Son,
All hope would surely fail.

I saw the Savior on the Tree,
the pain upon His face,
I looked above
with folded hands,
and saw Amazing Grace.

The Spear had pierced the Savior's side,
the end seemed close at hand,
but in three days the final song
did play upon the land.

The Best Is Yet to Come for you,
the cross was not the end,
For Jesus died and rose again,
to free your life from sin.

Copyright © BY JOE MEDREK

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